Parking issues emerge again in Roslyn meeting

Parking issues emerge again in Roslyn meeting
The village of Roslyn's board of trustees and other residents at the meeting via zoom (Screen shot by Sarah Ng)

Parking concerns highlighted public remarks at the Tuesday Board of Trustees meeting in Roslyn for the second month in a row.

Absent from the meeting was Mayor John Durkin, who was traveling.

Susan Carroll, a new resident, complained about Remsen Avenue’s ongoing parking problem. She cited the disruptive behavior that results from it at night.

“Right before we moved here, people used to be able to park all the way up the hill. Then it was moved down to halfway down the block,” she said. “I’m totally okay with people parking especially during the day. There has been an issue at night, particularly on Thursday nights.”

Carroll suggested having businesses promote the use of municipal lots three and four.

“I know meters are an important source of revenue for the village,” she said. “But if they’re not being used because people don’t want to pay, then why are they even there?”

Bernstein replied she was right. He said that they had discussed this matter in recent sessions.

“You’re correct in being concerned about this,” he said. “You’re correct in pointing out this rowdy conduct, which is very, very troublesome.”

The board informed Carroll that the situation was being examined. The village’s traffic expert has been requested to provide a report with suggestions for fixing the issue.

John Gibbons, the village attorney, said he has a draft report on parking restrictions and abandoned lots. He is awaiting Durkin’s review and hopes to have it completed before the July 19 meeting.

Sam Daliposki, superintendent of public works, also said that the village will monitor any nighttime disorder.

Trustee Sarah Oral brought up the necessity to distribute the report to residents so that more might take part in the meetings. This would enable the board to find a solution that appeals to a larger part of the population.

Roslyn’s next trustee meeting will be on July 19 at 7 p.m. They will hold it virtually.

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