Roslyn coyote attack sparks call to action

Roslyn coyote attack sparks call to action
Nala, the puppy who survived a coyote attack Friday while hiking near the Nassau County Museum of Art. (Photo courtesy of Michael Kirsch)

A family reported that their puppy Nala survived a coyote attack while hiking near the Nassau County Museum of Art Friday and called for increased efforts to notify people of the presence of coyotes in the Roslyn area.

Michael Kirsch, owner of Nala, said in a statement to Blank Slate Media that his puppy sustained multiple injuries as a result of the attack and was lucky to survive.

“But her miraculous survival has brought attention to the urgency of addressing the coyote issue in the area,” Kirsch said.

On Friday, Kirsch said that 10-pound Nala was attacked by an 80-pound coyote while hiking around the art museum.

He said he notified local authorities after the attack, who told him that upwards of 10 coyotes are present in the area.

He said that despite the report and the present coyote population, there are no warning signs or advisories that alert Roslyn residents to the dangers of their presence.

Kirsch said that his family is not the only one who has encountered coyotes in the area, saying it has caused “deep concern among residents and pet owners.”

He said in his statement to Blank Slate that the incident was a “testament to Nala’s remarkable survival,” but also a call to action to enact policies that will better protect the community from coyotes.

“We hope that by shedding light on this incident, it will serve as a wake-up call to local authorities and encourage them to take proactive measures to protect the local residents, their pets, and children from future coyote attacks,” Kirsch said.

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  1. My group The Wild Dog Foundation does proactive efforts to foster coexistence and how to safley interact with coyotes and fox and offers free advice, on scene evaluationand free educational seminars . Dogs should always be leashed and never feed coyotes. Be aggressive to any coyote you emcounter. You can contact us as we can deter coyotes in a number of ways to teach them avoidence

  2. I am guessing this is the same Coyote I have seen in my backyard. Frank, I had guessed he was 50 lbs but I would agree he is big. Not sure how to deal with this as he seems to be roaming the area around here pretty freely..


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