Roslyn Ed Board bids farewell to longtime Trustee Valauri

Roslyn Ed Board bids farewell to longtime Trustee Valauri
Superintendent Allison Brown honors retirees at the Roslyn School District's retirement celebration Thursday night. (Photo by Cameryn Oakes)

The Roslyn Board of Education bid farewell to longtime member Bruce Valauri and 17 retiring district employees at the last meeting of the school year Thursday night.

Valauri did not run for re-election as trustee in the district’s May 16 election after serving on the board for 13 years.

All members of the Board of Education shared parting comments for Valauri, praising him for the work he did on the board and the inspiration he has been to many of them.

“Bruce has served us with dedication and distinguishment for 13 years,” Board President Meryl Waxman Ben-Levy said.

She said the board will miss him and thanked him for his service.

Valauri said he appreciated the support he received from the board as no one person can do the job without it.

He thanked the community for the privilege, opportunity and support they provided him during his time on the board.

“I hope that I served well and I hope that everyone feels this place is a little bit better from the work we’ve done as a group and I’ve contributed to,” Valauri said.

The Board of Education also celebrated the retirement of 17 district employees honored during a retirement celebration held at the conclusion of the board meeting’s business portion.

“I’d like to let each and every one of them know that they will be deeply missed and to ensure them that their legacies will live on forever in the hearts and minds of all those you have touched during your time here,” Superintendent Allison Brown said. “Each and every one of you has had an incredible impact on our students.”

During the board’s meeting, they also discussed the district’s funds from the American Rescue Plan and an increase in Foundation Aid.

The American Rescue Plan money, which is federal COVID-19 pandemic relief funds, was used for multiple initiatives such as safely returning students to in-person learning, maximizing in-person instruction time, purchasing educational technology and addressing the impacts of the pandemic on students. It will continue to be used for students’ social, emotional and mental health needs.

The Foundation Aid, or New York State school funding, is being used to increase graduation rates and eliminate achievement gaps, support students who are at risk of not meeting state learning standards, provide additional support to English language learners, reduce the tax levy and upgrade facilities.

The school district is required to disclose what the Foundation Aid funds are used for if they receive more than a 10% increase.

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