Roslyn Harbor increases permit fees for pools, large projects

Roslyn Harbor increases permit fees for pools,  large projects
Roslyn Harbor Village Hall. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. License:

The Village of Roslyn Harbor voted to increase various permit fees during its board of trustees meeting Thursday as well as discussing a new village text service and village car stickers.

The village voted to change the permit fees for pools and increase the permit fees for TCO (total cost of ownership) large projects.

Village permit fees for pools were based on the percentage of the cost of the project, but will now be a flat fee of $2,000.

Village Clerk/Treasurer ​​Marla Wolfson said that many people will be saving money due to the implementation of a flat fee.

Permit fees for TCO large projects will be increasing from $1,000 to $2,000. Building Inspector Peter Albinski said this is to motivate residents to finish these large projects.

The village also proposed a new system to communicate with residents via text messages.

TextMyGov is a text service that would provide the village quick and direct text communication with residents in the cases of emergencies or relaying important news.

The text service could also be used by residents as a method to ask questions and get information about the village and its services.

The village currently uses an email method to communicate with residents, which the mayor referred to as “archaic” and in need of updating. She said people are more responsive to text messages than emails, making this service more beneficial than the current method.

While it was the first time many of the trustees had heard about TextMyGov, the board opted to delay a decision on the matter in order to continue inquiries and further discussion.

The village is also considering providing car stickers to residents that would identify them as a resident of Roslyn Harbor.

The stickers would display lettering of “VRH” – Village of Roslyn Harbor. The mayor said this would increase the security measures in the village as village security would be able to identify which cars are from the village and which are not.

Wolfson said that some residents had told they village they want the VRH stickers.

The stickers would be distributed to village residents for free.

The board did not make a decision on the matter in order for trustees to think about it further.

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