Roslyn’s Brass Swan offers modern take, classic feel

Roslyn’s Brass Swan offers modern take, classic feel
Dishes from Brass Swan, one of the new eateries in Roslyn. (Photos courtesy of Brass Swan)

The story of Roslyn’s newest restaurant, the Brass Swan, didn’t start in a kitchen — it began with some friends, cigars and a game of cards.

Brass Swan co-Owner Frank Loiacono and his friends were hanging out at Albertson’s Little Cigar Factory when Owner Arcangelo Fiore inspired them by preparing a nice, home-cooked meal for them.

“We’re friends with [Matthew Sorrentino,] who owns the 388 Restaurant, who owned the Roslyn Social,” said Loiacono. “So we kind of all talked and said, ‘It’d be cool if we just had our own spot.”

That idea soon escalated in the 18 months of planning that followed their conversation. Finally, in September, the Brass Swan opened its doors.

Located at 1363 Old Northern Blvd. in Roslyn, it is where the Roslyn Social once stood. The restaurant’s ideology centers on its tagline: modern taste, classic feel.

“Our design is beautiful. Our food is fantastic, our service is fantastic,” said Loiacono. “Again, we’re a new restaurant — we’re still working through some things. But everyone will be friendly, the food will taste fantastic and you’ll be greeted by a friendly staff.”

Chef Gus Galvao handled the menu, which combines classic American and Italian dishes with Asian and Latin influences. A winner of an episode of “Guy’s Grocery Games” on the Food Network, he has overseen restaurants in Miami and Westchester.

In the short time since the Brass Swan debuted, dishes like The Swan, which consists of dry-aged sirloin, potato cake, Hollandaise, quail egg and chimichurri, have become fan favorites.

Other dishes, such as lobster mac, truffle corn tostadas and pork belly crostini, assist in cementing a sense of comfort while also creating freedom to experiment with new flavors.

The owners combine this with an atmospheric setting to provide something local and unique. Developer, designer and restaurateur Derek Axelrod crafted the elegant, fashionable and trendy space. Sleek looking in black leather, marble and pendant lighting, the bar counters that by offering a variety of orange and yellow hues.

“If you’re tired of going into Manhattan and you don’t like to travel to Miami, come to the Brass Swan. You’ll get the same chic feel as if you’re in a different environment,” said Loiacono. “You’re gonna get that Manhattan chic-ness, the Miami decor, that you wouldn’t necessarily see on Long Island at all.”

This is all done with the goal of making Brass Swan somewhere Roslyn residents can be proud of. Loiacono said that while appealing to everyone may be challenging, it’s an effort they are seeking.

“I know that’s a tough task,” he said. “But we’re gonna do whatever we can to try to make the village happy and the people that frequent our place happy.

Although the eatery has opened, there are plans to build a lounge in the restaurant’s upstairs area. Eventually, it will provide patrons with a comfortable space to relax and enjoy live music.


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