Village of Roslyn Board of Trustees approves 2023-24 budget

Village of Roslyn Board of Trustees approves 2023-24 budget
The village of Roslyn Board of Trustees adopted the 2023-24 budget at their meeting on Tuesday, April 11. (Photo by Annabel Hofmann)

The Village of Roslyn Board of Trustees voted to adopt its proposed budget of approximately $5.7 million for the 2023-24 fiscal year at their meeting on Tuesday. The budget passed unanimously, although Trustees Craig Westergard and Marta Genovese were not present at the meeting.

The village’s new budget increased from the 2022-23 budget by less than $250,000, and the amount of taxes levied grew by $53,549. This is equal to a 1.5% tax levy increase over the previous year’s budget, and it is lower than the state’s 2% tax cap.

“We’ve really been very careful about how we spend our money and where we spend it,” said John Durkin, mayor of the village of Roslyn, at the meeting on Tuesday. “We’ve been fortunate that we have some developments come in to help us fiscally.”

The board also approved a motion to raise the Edward’s Street parking permit fee from $384 per year – or $1.05 per day – to $474 per year or $1.30 per day. This is the first time the rates have been raised in at least 13 years according to Durkin. The parking lot will also be repaved, hopefully by the end of the summer.

The Organization Night Resolution – a document that lists all the people who work for the village and must be approved after every election – was also approved at the meeting on Tuesday.

A resolution to approve the Revised Fee Schedule was passed, with minor increases from last year to account for inflation. This document outlines the fees charged for permitting, inspections and other duties the village carries out while enforcing the village code.

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