Animal research at Garden City Park School

Animal research at Garden City Park School
Garden City Park School student George is studying the coyote for his project. Photo courtesy of the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District.

Third grade classes at Garden City Park School in the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District have been researching animals in science.

Using Chromebooks and library books, students have discovered information about their respective animal’s habitat, diet, special adaptations and other interesting facts. They are now using this knowledge to create their very own animal books. These books will include various nonfiction text features such as a table of contents, maps, a glossary, illustrations and captions that enhance their writing. The students will also create a Google Slide presentation to highlight interesting facts that they learned and use their illustrations to create a mural.

Third grade teachers Angela Bruntvedt, Laurie Francis and Tara McKenna said students are working hard on their animal research projects, which tie into the science, reading and writing curriculums. Once the multiweek projects are complete, students will present their work to their families during an Author’s Tea in May.

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