GHS Community Service Club leads ‘Stuck for a Buck’ fundraiser for kindergartener with leukemia

GHS Community Service Club leads ‘Stuck for a Buck’ fundraiser for kindergartener with leukemia
Glen Head principal Peter Rufa successfully taped to a wall for the school's "Stuck for a Buck" fundraiser. (Photo courtesy of the North Shore School District)

On May 5, every student and faculty member in Glen Head School had a chance to participate in the “Stuck for a Buck” fundraiser to raise money for Jack, a kindergartener.

Stuck for a Buck is an event hosted by the GHS Community Service Club, under the direction of Janet Goldberg and Christine Kingsley, to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Students, staff and families helped donate a dollar for a piece of tape to tape the Glen Head principal, Peter Rufa, to the school wall!

Why Are We Doing This?

The goal of this fundraiser was to raise $10,000 and show kindness and support for Jack, a kindergartener and dear friend. The money raised helps promote cancer research that has changed the outcomes for children with cancer to give them a better chance at life.

On May 5, each class lined up outside of Glen Head School with a piece of tape after donating their money to this important cause.

For over an hour, one-by-one, each student happily placed their colorful piece of tape over Rufa to further help secure his position on the wall. He was standing on a small bench just in case!

To the roar of his peers chanting, “Jack, Jack, Jack” kindergartener Jack, accompanied by his mother, had a chance to participate and stick a piece of tape on Rufa!

After all of the K-5 students and faculty were done placing their colorful tape on principal Rufa, Goldberg, Kingsley and Bob Kemp pushed the bench away. To the joy of the kindergarteners and Jack watching with his family in their car, Rufa was successfully stuck to the wall!

Thank you to the GHS Community Service Club and all of Glen Head School for helping to raise upwards of $13,000 to date for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Your generosity and kindness will be forever remembered on this special day!

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