Great Neck schools win $18K Gizmos Science Success grant

Great Neck schools win $18K Gizmos Science Success grant
On Nov. 8, secondary science teachers from across Great Neck Public Schools attended a full day of professional development funded through the Gizmos Science Success Grant by ExploreLearning. (Photo courtesy of the Great Neck Public Schools)

The Great Neck Public Schools is the recipient of an $18,000 Gizmos Science Success grant to support science, technology, engineering, and math  instruction in the district’s secondary schools.

The Gizmos Science Success Grant Program by ExploreLearning incorporates professional development and interactive simulations to promote students’ deep conceptual understanding in STEM disciplines.

“We congratulate the Great Neck Public Schools on being accepted into the Gizmos Science Success Grant Program,” says David Shuster, the founder and publisher of ExploreLearning. “We look forward to helping the schools and district meet the rigorous new science standards and to help engage more of their students in STEM careers.”

Gizmos are interactive online simulations that help students develop a deep understanding of challenging science and math concepts through inquiry and exploration. Using Gizmos, students can manipulate variables, generate and test hypotheses, and engage in extensive “what-if” experimentation.

Through the Gizmos Science Success Grant, students in each the district’s middle schools and high schools will have access to Gizmos software in science classes for one year.

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