Learning about social studies through song at North Middle

Learning about social studies through song at North Middle
North Middle School sixth-grade social studies teachers Norine Nagle, Rachael Weissman, Tayla Plotke, and department chair Patti Crisafulli with special guest, Mr. Nicky. (Photo courtesy of Great Neck Public Schools)

On May 14, North Middle School sixth graders arrived in the school’s auditorium for a social studies surprise: Mr. Nicky, a YouTube composer, performer, and educator, joined them to rap about ancient civilizations.

Students in Ms. Nagle, Ms. Plotke, Ms. Puca, Ms. Warstadt, and Ms. Weissman’s classes have been rapping along with Mr. Nicky’s videos all year as they learned about Mesopotamia, Greece, Egypt, and China. “We thought singing with Mr. Nicky live would be the most fun way to review and remember the year,” said Patti Crisafulli, social studies department head.

From the moment Mr. Nicky stepped on stage, cheers and applause filled the auditorium. He started his performance with the Mesopotamia rap and kept the energy level high throughout the entire assembly. Students enthusiastically joined in by singing the lyrics from his YouTube videos.

In addition to performing his songs, Mr. Nicky shared videos and led students in songwriting games to help them learn how to write their own educational parodies

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