Night of the one acts at North Middle School

Night of the one acts at North Middle School
North Middle will present an evening of One Act plays on Nov. 26. (Photo by Bill Cancellare)

North Middle School will present an evening of one-act plays and skits on Tuesday, Nov. 26, at 7 p.m., in the Daniel J. Tomaselli Auditorium at 77 Polo Road.

Plays to be performed include the following: No Show written by Alan Haehnel, Top Secret and Confessions both written by Laurie Allen, Teenage Nightmare written by Laura Toffenetti, and The Struggles written by Kendra Thomas.

The Struggles, the final play of the evening, follows the life of a middle school student who is struggling with ADD and dyslexia. With a conflicted perception of herself, Megan worries about her future, as illustrated by the various voices that are heard throughout the skit. As the play progresses, however, this character slowly gains confidence in herself and her negative self-image dissolves as she grows into a beautiful butterfly.

The group’s dedication, talent, and drive, paired with these well-written skits, is sure to deliver an enjoyable evening fit for the whole family. The event is guaranteed to be fun-filled and entertaining.

For more information, please contact Marissa Dove, One Acts director, and English teacher, at (516) 441-4544 or at [email protected].

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