Harbor Hill 2nd Graders Connect the Dots

Harbor Hill 2nd Graders Connect the Dots
Harbor Hill second graders show off their dots. (Photo courtesy of the Roslyn School District)

Second-grade students at Harbor Hill Elementary School celebrated International Dot Day on Sept. 15.

International Dot Day first began when teacher Terry Shay introduced his classroom to Peter H. Reynolds’ book The Dot on Sept. 15, 2009.

The Dot is the story of a caring teacher who dares a doubting student to trust in her own abilities by being brave enough to “make her mark.” What begins with a small dot on a piece of paper becomes a breakthrough in confidence and courage.

The story has gone on to inspire countless children and adults around the globe.

“In addition to creating dots, the students dabbled in augmented reality and brought their dots alive with technology,” teacher Suzanne Falcone said.

In the afternoon, students had the opportunity to livestream with author Peter Reynolds from a theater in Boston. He read aloud, had a student act out the book and answered questions from students across the world.

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