Incoming 9th graders welcomed at North Shore High School

Incoming 9th graders welcomed at North Shore High School
Students enjoy Italian ices at the North Shore High School Freshman Orientation. (Photo courtesy of the North Shore School District)

On Aug. 30, the high school principals along with guidance counselors, faculty and staff warmly welcomed the freshman class of 2023-24 and their parents and guardians to North Shore High School.

To begin orientation, administrators happily greeted over 212 incoming freshmen. Then the Peer Educators Club (Peer Leaders) led small group tours of the building and classrooms, discussed schedules, held fun break-the-ice games, opened lockers and answered any questions or concerns to help make their transition to high school easier. Additionally, students were joined by their guidance counselors who answered any scheduling questions and assisted with the tours and new protocols.

It was wonderful to see students once again in our schools, as the incoming freshman class was eager to reunite with their friends from the middle school.

Additionally, parents and guardians were able to listen to an introductory presentation about North Shore High School.

To conclude the orientation, the high school PTO invited the freshmen to cold Italian ices to enjoy.

Many thanks to the HS PTO, administration, counselors and Peer Leaders for all of their assistance during the orientation. Best of luck to the graduating Class of 2027 during your high school years!

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