Lakeville School library offers dual language collection

Lakeville School library offers dual language collection
Lakeville School offers a dual language library for its students. (Photo courtesy of the Great Neck Public Schools)

The library in the Lakeville School has a new dual-language section, offering more than 60 titles representing 20 different languages. This new collection was made possible though a donation by the Lakeville Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

School librarian Cynthia Manzi and Lakeville’s ENL (English as a New Language) teachers introduced students to this new collection during their regular library time in early February. Lakeville students excitedly volunteered to read books aloud in their second or third language. Classmates listened intently as they enjoyed the story in English and tried to make connections in the second language.

“These books offer a wonderful opportunity for students to be exposed to a second language while refining their reading skills in English,” Lakeville Principal Emily Zucal said. “We thank the PTA for allowing our students this wonderful opportunity to celebrate Lakeville’s beautiful cultural diversity.”

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