Manhasset students awarded at National ACAP Science Fair

Manhasset students awarded at National ACAP Science Fair
Ten science research students from Manhasset High School were recognized as Semifinalists in the National Association of Chinese American Physicians Science Fair. (Courtesy Manhasset Public Schools)

Six science research projects from Manhasset High School stood out at the National Association of Chinese American Physicians Science Fair, securing ten spots in the semifinals. These projects, individually submitted or presented by student pairs, catapulted ten Manhasset students into the ranks of Semifinalists, the largest number of projects from one school to reach that level.

The Semifinalists advanced to the National ACAP Science Fair Finals, held on Oct. 14, where they had the opportunity to present their research to a panel of expert judges. The projects that made it to this distinguished stage included Jonathan Chen in grade 11, for his research on “Remediation of Rotenone Induced PD in CCD18-co cells using CBD and Quercetin.”

Christian Kim in grade 12 and Grace Punzalan in grade 11 explored “Oil Wastewater Remediation and Bioelectricity Production by a Multi-Anode Up-Flow Constructed Wetland-Microbial Fuel Cell.”

Matthew Kim and Thomas Fini from grade 10 delved into “Does Social Isolation Impact Red Harvester Ant’s Ability to Cooperate.”

Klara Mosakowski and Mikayla Berestecki in grade 11 investigated “The Effect of Different L-Ascorbic Acids on Depolarization of the Brain.”

Samantha Stoneking and Kristina Theodosopoulos in grade 10 examined “The Effect of Willow extract on Azolla growth for improving the Phytoremediation of Zinc.” While Alena Tsai in grade 11 conducted research on “Methylene Blue and Ginkgolide A: Influencing Critical Signaling Pathways and Proteins to Mitigate Pathological Development of Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Following their presentations at the National ACAP Science Fair Finals, the students were honored at the ACAP Awards Gala on Oct. 15. Stoneking and Theodosopoulos, both sophomores, received the Outstanding Research Award for their project, earning $500 for themselves and an additional $500 for Manhasset High School.

Senior Christian Kim, junior Grace Punzalan, and junior Alena Tsai also received the Honorable Mention Award, with each student receiving $50, and a matching sum being granted to the school.

Manhasset Public Schools extends its heartfelt congratulations to these talented students and their dedicated adviser, Alison Huenger, for their outstanding achievements in the realm of scientific research.

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