Manhasset students embrace active living with Dr. Recess

Manhasset students embrace active living with Dr. Recess
Third graders at Munsey Park Elementary School had fun playing an indoor recess game that Dr. Recess taught them. (Courtesy of the Manhasset Public Schools)

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Manhasset students from Shelter Rock Elementary School and Munsey Park Elementary School welcomed a special guest, Dr. Curt Hinson, renowned as “Dr. Recess.”

Dr. Recess engaged students from kindergarten to sixth grade in the Dr. Recess Assembly and Playground Games Program, emphasizing the significance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle through age-appropriate games that enhance social-emotional, cognitive, and motor skills.

This marked the second visit of Dr. Recess to both Shelter Rock and Munsey Park schools. A former physical education teacher and author, Dr. Recess has shared his expertise in all 50 states, introducing over a million students to innovative and safe ways of playing.

During his visit, elementary students gathered in their respective school gymnasiums for an interactive assembly led by Recess. He enthusiastically instructed them in a range of enjoyable recess games, assisted by eager student volunteers. The activities included engaging games like “Drop 21,” “Guard the Cookie Jar,” “Hoop Ball,” and “Keep Away.”

Following the assemblies, students put their newfound games into action during recess periods, fostering enjoyment as they played alongside their peers and expanded their repertoire of recess activities.

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