Manhasset students go back in time to the American Revolution

Manhasset students go back in time to the American Revolution
Students were stationed at tables to educate their guests on a part of the American Revolution. (Photo courtesy of the Manhasset Public Schools)

Manhasset fourth graders from Shelter Rock Elementary School channeled their inner colonists on June 6 and 7 during their Living Timeline of the American Revolution event. Family and friends were invited into the school cafeteria to learn about this important time in American history.

The event served as a culmination to the fourth grade American Revolution unit. Leading up to the special day, students researched and immersed themselves in books about the Revolution, explored important figures and learned more about the wars that were fought. The students organized their information into timelines and took notes. Each student received a specific research topic from the unit which they watched videos and read books and articles about. This included No Taxation Without Representation, the Boston Massacre, the Battles of Lexington and Concord and more. They then met with other students who shared their topic and worked together to strengthen their writing. Each student created their own book about their American Revolution topic, filled with illustrations and more details about what they learned.

During the Living Timeline of the American Revolution event, students walked their guests through the American Revolution. Decorated tables were set up around the cafeteria, along with creative student-made banners. The fourth graders were stationed at the tables with their books and their groups. Guests were encouraged to read the books and ask the students questions about their research topic. It was a successful end to a great social studies unit.

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