Maram Mabrouk appointed assistant principal of North Shore Middle School

Maram Mabrouk appointed assistant principal of North Shore Middle School
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Congratulations to Maram Mabrouk who was appointed assistant principal of North Shore Middle School by the Board of Education on Aug. 30.

“We are so excited for Dr. Maram Mabrouk to return to North Shore as the Assistant Principal of North Shore Middle School,” Christopher Zublionis, superintendent of schools, said. “For 15 years, Dr. Mabrouk served the North Shore community as a master teacher and earned the respect of both colleagues, students and families. She also served as an interim assistant principal for one year at North Shore High School. She will bring so much dedication to our Vikings in the Middle and make the North Shore Journey even better.”

Mabrouk shared her appreciation by saying, “I am humbled and honored to have an opportunity to return to the district I call home as the Assistant Principal of North Shore Middle School. In life, we do not always get the chance for a homecoming, so I’m thrilled to have this opportunity. I am also excited to serve in this role alongside a long-time colleague as energetic and conscientious as Dr. Ryan O’Hara. We look forward to supporting our middle school students and teachers as we work together towards a successful school year.”

Mabrouk’s career at North Shore began in 2007 as a social studies teacher at the high school.

“I had the amazing fortune to serve at North Shore High School until 2022, where I ended my time as an interim assistant principal,” Mabrouk said. “For the past year, I have served as an Assistant Principal at the 7-12 Secondary School at Manhasset”

Some of her responsibilities included building a Master Schedule for grades 7-12, creation of the annual course catalog, student discipline and attendance for grades 7-9, preparation and setup of testing for all Regents Exams and 7-8th grade ELA and Math Exams, weekly meetings with middle school counselors and the mental health team, preparation and execution of all emergency drills including the building level Emergency Response Plan, planning and scheduling of student and parent assemblies for all 7-8th grade events, and management of the daily teacher, student and administrative activities and concerns.

Prior, Mabrouk was a teacher at North Shore High School in the Social Studies Department teaching grades 9-12 for fourteen years. In addition to teaching and instruction, she served as a class advisor, debate team coach and union representative.

Mabrouk earned her doctorate in Education and Learning in 2020 from Hofstra University as well as her Certificate in Educational Leadership in 2017, a MSED focusing on Social Studies in 2006 and a B.A. in History at Hofstra (Summa Cum Laude).

“Dr. Mabrouk’s deep commitment and attention to understanding the wide range of stakeholders’ perspectives, honed over many years of research and celebrated professional practice, will be an incredible asset to our school community,” Ryan O’Hara, North Shore Middle School principal, said. “Dr. Mabrouk is a masterful teacher and leader who cares deeply for students, families, and educators. I cannot wait to work with her again.”

To conclude, Dr. Mabrouk said, “I believe that education should always be student-centered to best meet the needs of our children and foster their growth. As Dr. Ed Melnick always reminded us, children are our greatest natural resource. It’s a lesson that has stayed with me and driven my decisions in the field. Nurturing this natural resource is the driver of all my decision making.”

Please help us congratulate and warmly welcome home Mabrouk on her recent appointment as the assistant principal of North Shore Middle School.

It is expected that Mabrouk will begin on Oct. 3. We wish her the best of luck now and in the future!

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