North Side Elementary students will get hands-on experience with building 3D-printed robotics

North Side Elementary students will get hands-on experience with building 3D-printed robotics

3D printing is powering humanity’s mission to Mars, the next generation of Boeing jets and medical innovations that will help us as humans live longer. But one group of Long Island students have their own 3D printing mission in mind, one that combines robotics, racing and a lust for the competitive spirit.

Rochelle Sroka, an Educational Technology Specialist at North Side Elementary, is leading 4th graders through a 3D printing exercise that involves creating mini-robots using motors and 3D printing pens from 3Doodler. Once completed, students will race their bots against each other until a champion is crowned.

“My goal as an educator is to teach my young students that they can be the innovators of tomorrow. Learning how to create, design and problem solve using 3D technology is a key skill for their future,” Sroka said.

The 3D printing industry is projected to be worth $34.8 billion dollars by 2024, with Fortune 500 companies like Nike, Boeing and Ford, along with industries like healthcare, space exploration and affordable housing, all taking notice.

From rockets, to shoes, medical solutions and buildings, there is a lot of optimism for the next generation of innovators, engineers, manufacturers and builders that these students represent. “We see this exercise as a pathway towards potential future career opportunities,” said Ed Kemnitzer, the Director of Technology, Innovation, and Information Services for the East Williston Unified School District. “We continue to put focus on design-thinking activities while ensuring that students learn on personalized platforms.  They may be using 3D pens now to create but this process will mature into deeper innovation as they move through our schools and into their post-secondary lives.”

The building of these micro-robotics will take place on Jan. 13 from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Media are invited to cover this story in a number of ways, including print, audio and video. Both students and school administrators will be available to field questions before, during or after the event.


Story submitted by 3Doodler and North Side Elementary.

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