Cans for a cause

Cans for a cause

Port Washington Union Free School District’s Guggenheim Elementary School students recently learned the significance of giving back as they celebrated their 100th day of classes.

In celebration of the special occasion, each of Guggenheim’s kindergarten classes established a goal to contribute one canned good per student, hoping to reach a total collection of 100 cans.

“The 100th day of school is an exciting day for our students and Guggenheim’s initiative to celebrate by giving back to the community to celebrate is unbounded,” said Kathleen Mooney, the superintendent of Port Washington Union Free School District. “The district aims to emphasize the value of service among our students, providing numerous opportunities to involve and engage them in the community.”

The generosity of participating kindergarten students and their families resulted in students exceeding expectations and collecting a total of 100 canned goods that will be donated to a Port Washington food pantry.

Guggenheim’s kindergarteners were able to celebrate this 100-day milestone with the satisfaction of knowing they helped the surrounding community.

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