RMS 2023 Graduation Ceremony

RMS 2023 Graduation Ceremony
Roslyn Middle School Graduation Ceremony. (Photo courtesy of the Roslyn School District)

Roslyn Middle School hosted its 8th-grade graduation ceremony at Hofstra University on June 22 at 11 a.m.

Two-hundred and seventy-six students entered the arena to “Pomp and Circumstance.”

The students, along with administrators, wore a custom-designed tennis pin in honor of former classmates Ethan Falkowitz and Drew Hassenbein as part of a collective effort to show compassion and support for the families.

Once everyone was seated, the Roslyn Middle School Chorale, led by Director Dorothy Burns, sang “The Star Spangled Banner” and “Hello, Goodbye.”

Principal Craig Johanson gave remarks and recognized three retirees: science teacher Theresa Arcarola, world language teacher Cecily Lawrence and mathematics teacher Carolyn Smith.

Roslyn Board of Education President Meryl Waxman Ben-Levy encouraged the incoming freshmen class to take full advantage of everything that Roslyn High School has to offer.

PFA Co-Presidents Liz Neale, Brooke Sokolov and Sharon Somekh also gave remarks and congratulated the students on their milestone achievement.

Assistant Principal Christopher Roth presented the PFA Character of Distinction Awards to Sam Greenfield, Liat Somekh, Dylan Sakaria and Jasmine Wang. Assistant Principal Melissa Hornik presented the Vanessa Gray Award to Ruby Charnes. School Counselor Gail Kennedy presented the William Alexander Award to Adam Camisi.

The 8th graders took the stage one by one as their names were called. Each was given a certificate by Ben-Levy. They were congratulated by members of the Roslyn Board of Education, Superintendent Allison Brown and Principal Johanson.

The siblings of Ethan Falkowitz and Drew Hassenbein went on stage to accept their brothers’ graduation certificates, receiving several minutes-long standing ovations.

Roslyn High School Principal Scott Andrews wrapped up the ceremony with remarks to welcome the incoming freshmen of the Class of 2027.

He was followed by the Recessional, performed by the Roslyn Middle School Band under the direction of Timothy Doran.

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