Roslyn Elementary School students participate in mock trial

Roslyn Elementary School students participate in mock trial
Roslyn elementary students who participated in the Mock Trial Tier 3 program. (Photo courtesy of the Roslyn School District)

Elementary students in Mock Trial Tier 3 participated in a year-long program to learn about the judicial system and what it takes to be a lawyer. They learned how to correctly question witnesses from both the defense and the prosecution.

On June 7, they went before a judge in a Mineola courtroom to present the case of Goldilocks vs the Three Bears. The students at East Hills defended Goldilocks, while the students at Harbor Hill set out to prove to the court that Goldilocks was guilty.

“Watching the students present their cases and work the courtroom was not only exciting, but a rewarding experience after all of the time spent preparing for the trial,” Harbor Hill teacher Nanette Maleganos said.

“It was an absolutely wonderful thing to see all of the hard work pay off for our students,” East Hills teacher AnneMarie Kellan said. “Both sides did a great job and it was fun to see them in action and think on their feet.”

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