Roslyn High School mock trial team advances to Nassau County semifinals

Roslyn High School mock trial team advances to Nassau County semifinals
Roslyn Mock Trial Team with East Hills and Harbor Hill students. (Courtesy of Roslyn School District)

On March 26, the Roslyn High School Mock Trial team beat Massapequa to advance to the semifinals of the Nassau County competition. They will go on to compete in the semifinal round on April 9, 2024.

“I am so proud of these kids,” said faculty advisor Cathy Elorriaga. “The competition began with forty-eight teams and they’ve made it this far as a result of their commitment and teamwork.”

Their sweet sixteen round against Hicksville on March 20, 2024, was attended by a class of fourth and fifth graders from Harbor Hill and East Hills, who were able to witness first-hand a trial simulation between the Roslyn team as prosecution and Hicksville as Defense.

The students watched the whole round from the jury box in a Nassau County courtroom.

“It was a great opportunity to inspire the future generation of the Roslyn Mock Trial team,” said Ms. Elorriaga.

The Mock Trial Team Captains include: Jordan Kaplan, Eli Klein, and Jacob Silverman. Mock Trial Team Members include: Alexandra Berman, Sheilly Benlevi, Mitchell Berger, Matthew Clarke, Benjamin Davidson, Sam Greenfield, Emily, Krejci, Tanishka Kumar, Zachary Mashaal, Rebecca Peykar, Nathaniel Rubin, Tori Siegel, Liat Somekh, Dana Wang, Albert Zheng.

The Mock Trial Advisor is Cathy Elorriaga and the Mock Trial Team Attorney is Lisa Rossi.

The Mock Trial team is an extracurricular activity offered by Roslyn High School; members are chosen via a tryout at the beginning of each school year.

Students compete in trial simulations that offer them the opportunity to take on the roles of prosecution and defense attorney, witness, and paralegal, helping them develop acting, public speaking, and critical thinking skills.

They meet regularly with the club’s advisor and team attorney to practice making objections and carrying out persuading opening and closing statements.

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