Roslyn sophomore team wins research grant from NYIT

Roslyn sophomore team wins research grant from NYIT
Matthew Lin and Zachary Lee with science teacher Alexandra Stevens. (Photo courtesy of the Roslyn School District)

Roslyn High School sophomores Matthew Lin and Zachary Lee have been selected to receive the seventh annual NYIT Mini-Research Grant Award (MRGA) in the amount of $300 for their research proposal: “The Effect of Temperature and Heavy Metal Concentration on Population Growth Rate and Biosorption of Phytoplankton.”

The Grant Review committee determined their submission to have scientific merit and potential impact in the STEM fields, including health and environment.

“The boys’ desire to utilize advanced technologies to study the global climate crisis is laudable,” their science teacher Alexandra Stevens said. “They never shy away from a challenge, and are extremely dedicated.”

“Ms. Stevens has gone above and beyond in her efforts to support Matthew and Zachary,” Allyson Weseley, Roslyn’s Coordinator of Secondary Research, said. “She’s a wonderful addition to our team.”

Funds from this grant will be used to offset the cost of materials pertaining to their research project.

This is the third year in a row that a Roslyn High School student research team has received a grant.

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