Searingtown students learn about energy conservation

Searingtown students learn about energy conservation
The National Theatre for Children and PSEGLI brought the Energized Guyz to Searingtown School, where character Nicky Neutron took students on a journey that explored energy conservation. (Photo courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)

Students in the Herricks Public Schools’ Searingtown Elementary School set out on a mission to conserve energy during a presentation provided by the National Theatre for Children, sponsored by PSEGLI.

The program featured an engaging performance by cast members who taught students where energy and resources come from and ways to use them efficiently. Superhero Nicky Neutron brought the students through an energy-saving journey that involved various lessons along the way.

Together the cast and audience explored small ways to make a difference, such as turning appliances off when not using them and using LED light bulbs and faucet aerators. Characters also noted that energy analyses can be obtained online for free, and energy home assessments can be scheduled. The students enthusiastically joined Nicky in reciting the statement, “Open your eyes, be energy wise!”

Prior to the show, Searingtown received Teacher Guides and Student Activity booklets to familiarize students with the topics and content. More information about this production is available at

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