Silverstein Hebrew Academy hosts annual celebration of Chagigat Siddur

Silverstein Hebrew Academy hosts annual celebration of Chagigat Siddur
Silverstein first grader being called up to receive his original siddur presented by Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky, Dean of school. (Photo courtesy of Silverstein Hebrew Academy)

Silverstein Hebrew Academy in Great Neck hosted its annual celebration of Chagigat HaSiddur, the highest achievement for first graders at SHA. This annual celebration highlights the students’ incredible transition from saying their prayers by heart to reading and praying on their own in Hebrew.

“Chagigat Siddur is one of the most memorable celebrations in our students’ lives. It showcases their love of Judaism, learning, and reading in Hebrew and is a true testament to both their faith and educational accomplishments,” explained Shireen Butman, Head of School at SHA. “The parents eagerly anticipate this celebration every year, and we could not be prouder of our students’ achievements.”

During this milestone occasion, students performed for their teachers and family members with songs in both Hebrew and English. After the students’ performance, they were called to the stage to be presented with their siddurism from Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky, Dean of school.

While receiving the siddur may seem to be just a physical accomplishment, it is also an important reminder of the students’ hard work and dedication to their Judaic studies.

For more information about the Silverstein Hebrew Academy, visit or call the school at 516-466-8522.

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