Willets Road School is SPARKing it Up!

Willets Road School is SPARKing it Up!
Kimberly Lynch’s fifth-grade class is celebrating SPARK while reading the new issue of The Willets Worldwide.

Willets Road staff kicked-off February with a focus on SPARK (Success, Pride, Action, Responsibility, and Kindness) by wearing their SPARK shirts as well as reinforcing the tenants of SPARK with their students.

Students were asked in their first period classes to define SPARK, discuss what SPARK means to them and how to share the values of SPARK to others within the community. Willets Road Dean of Students, Vanessa DiMascio, emphasized the importance of a school that celebrates the little victories and every day achievements that help to foster a healthy, mindful, rooted community.

Each month, now, Willets Road School will be highlighting a different letter of SPARK. Keep your eyes and ears open for tiny triumphs which will put SPARK in our lives!

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