Jen DeSena for North Hempstead Supervisor

Jen DeSena for North Hempstead Supervisor
Jen DeSena Will Put Taxpayers First

I’m a resident of Manhasset for 21 years, former SEC enforcement attorney, current Executive Director of the Manhasset Coalition Against Substance Abuse, and active member of the Greater Council of Civic Associations and the St. Vincent de Paul Society at St. Mary’s.

I have worked alongside the Town Board on zoning issues and collaborated with Nassau County Police, County Legislature, state senators, local businesses, school administration, parents, and youth to improve the health of the community.

I have managed the budgets and served as general counsel of several nonprofits. My background is service, not politics, so people know I will prioritize taxpayer interests over my own re-election or support of a political party.

My primary goal is to reform the Town Building Department notorious for lengthy delays of permits and certificates of occupancy to homeowners and businesses.

The current administration, which my opponent is part of, has failed to fix the problems that began under his watch and persist 15 years later.

With one-party control of the Town Board and budget for 30 years, there is no excuse. My opponent’s relationships with party insiders and relentless self-promotion mean he will not deliver the relief residents and businesses need.

I will take responsibility, along with the Town Councilpersons, for the Building Department. Its employees will follow Town Board initiatives and become user-friendly or be removed. I will form an Advisory Council of businesses, professionals, and residents to help streamline the processes while adhering to zoning codes.

I will initiate an Amnesty Period so that homeowners can without fear or penalty address open permits and prepare themselves for renovation or other property transactions. I will initiate Same Day Permits for most accessory uses to reduce expenses and better allocate plan examiner resources. I will encourage pre-approval of commercial properties to be more competitive in attracting next businesses of the same use.

We must hire employees with qualifications and experience for the job, not investigators and party loyalists. We have lost key employees because they were not sufficiently loyal to the political party.

There should be no expectation that employees purchase fundraising tickets or otherwise campaign for elected officials. There should be no use of Town resources to support an official’s campaign. I will hire and promote qualified employees no matter their party affiliation.

Our recent Parks Commissioner who left under terms of a settlement agreement at unknown taxpayer cost thanked her employees and called upon leadership to be “consistent, transparent, fair, empathic and professional.”

My opponent has shown willingness to hire political favorites in the past. With no relationships or favors owed, I will bring fair and professional leadership and an open door policy so that every employee has a safe work environment.

We must control spending and examine the allocation of resources to all Parks and departments. We must secure available infrastructure funds to prepare for climate change and protect our environment.

Every year the Town of North Hempstead budget increases while other Towns produce flat budgets. Our seniors on fixed incomes and our young professionals cannot afford to live here. We have 52 parks in the Town of North Hempstead and some are not well-maintained while others receive budget increases.

Recent expenditures at the North Hempstead Beach Park include a drone show and a movie only viewable to boaters. A failure to communicate with residents about a holiday lights show costs additional expenses and lost revenue.

We pay high taxes and deserve accountability, particularly for maintaining the safety of roads and sidewalks. I commit to a salary freeze for the Supervisor and other elected officials and to reduce the Supervisor’s Office budget. I will not put my name on Town signs or initiatives.

The supervisor position is open for you to choose. If you are unsatisfied with higher taxes and a failure to solve problems, choose someone you can trust. My experience as an attorney and leader of nonprofits will make our government responsive.

I will listen and collaborate to find solutions not for my credit but yours. My opponent has poured the party’s war chest and resources of the Town Clerk’s office into his message that in uncertain times you should choose his experience, but this can be called politics as usual.

Good government listens. Now is the chance to open ours to all viewpoints and examine its treatment of employees, its spending, and its ability to revitalize and recover.

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