Anthony Locast, co-owner and CFO, Long Island Meal Prep

Anthony Locast, co-owner and CFO, Long Island Meal Prep

Anthony Locast is the co-owner and CFO of Long Island Meal Prep.

Anthony went to Adelphi University where he received his bachelor’s in education, and master’s in exercise science

Upon graduating and trying a handful of different jobs in the health and fitness field, Anthony still didn’t feel the spark that he was looking for in a career.

Confident in his knowledge and abilities, these jobs didn’t pay what he was hoping for and in his heart he felt the passion just wasn’t there. This led him to try a career in sales, where he soon ended up being let go due to the pandemic.

Being let go in a career that Anthony was succeeding in made him realize that nothing in life is guaranteed and that every career move has risks. This then influenced him to follow his true dreams of becoming a business owner. Anthony wished to start something involving his current skills, knowledge, and passions.

Luckily, he was a consumer of the meal prep industry before starting his own company–so he based Long Island Meal Prep off of what he liked and disliked about the businesses he was buying from. Anthony attributes his current success off of these factors.

Having extensive knowledge of the healthy food industry, being a consumer, and being passionate about what he was doing, Anthony credits his success to being organized, studying the industry, and setting daily, weekly and monthly goals.

“There is no single key to success, but a combination of the right moves–finding what you’re passionate about, gaining knowledge and skills, setting goals, and being organized–can multiply into achieving whatever you truly desire.”

Theodore Gallucci is the co-owner and chef at Long Island Meal Prep. Long Island Meal Prep is a prepared meals company helping people feel and achieve their best through food! The inception of Long Island Meal Prep began over five years ago. At the time, Theodore was presented with an opportunity to cook for a friend. A simple “yes” turned into what would become a thriving business.

Food has been an important part in Theodore’s life.

Growing up Italian, cooking starts at a young age. At 16 years old wanting to learn more, he turned to Youtube. There, he began to teach himself foundational cooking skills from watching professional chefs.

Cooking for him has been said to be an outlet to creativity and to express oneself. At the age of 21, Theodore dropped out of Farmingdale State College, only after two years of attending. This was when he was asked to start meal prepping for a friend. Later on, he met Anthony Locast who would become his business partner.

For the next few years Theodore worked in private finance and marketing, while meal prepping proved to be a consistent side hustle.

Come March 2020, the pandemic put Theodore and Anthony out of work.

The crisis proved to be an opportunity, they had the time and resources to fully plan out the business. Turning to Youtube, Theodore again began to self-educate himself on the principles of success, personal excellence, and running a business. He attributes many of his successes and habits from listening to entrepreneur Andy Frisella. The habits developed helped ensure a winning mentality in an industry that often requires grit and determination to succeed.

Halloween of 2020 marked the company’s first official cook.

Within the first year, the company outgrew several kitchens, and established a small storefront in Wantagh. Their healthy and delicious menu is inspired by cuisines from all over the world. The team at Long Island Meal Prep has cultivated a strong following in the local communities that it serves.

Every few months they also work with local charities to help feed hungry Long Islanders. Since its opening, Long Island Meal Prep has served thousands in its communities.

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