Chintan Sheth, Chief Financial Officer of Navika Group of Companies & Blue Sky Hospitality Solutions.

Chintan Sheth, Chief Financial Officer of Navika Group of Companies & Blue Sky Hospitality Solutions.

Chintan Sheth is currently the chief financial officer of Navika Group of Companies & Blue Sky Hospitality Solutions.

Navika Group of Companies commenced it business in 2005 with a mission to acquire, own and manage income generating commercial real estate across the US. Navika also currently owns and manages its assets through its management arm, Blue Sky Hospitality Solutions LLC.
As part of the executive team to both Navika & Blue Sky Hospitality, Chintan is responsible for the financial performance of its diversified commercial real estate portfolio by managing a variety of roles in acquisition, operations, negotiations & audit.
Chintan was born in India. At a young age, Chintan always valued education.

After high school, he attended Mumbai University where he received his bachelor and master’s degree in accounting. Upon completion of his professional degree in chartered accountancy he gained his first experience as an accountant with Morgan Stanley as a part of their hedge fund arm.

After working with Morgan Stanley for over a year, Chintan moved to America in 2008.
Once here, he began working with Navika Group as an auditor. With his hard work and panache for numbers, he made tremendous progress from auditor to controller to vice president of accounting.

During his 15 years of employment, Chintan climbed the corporate ladder and became the CFO of the company in December 2020.

As CFO, his responsibilities include accounting, financial planning and reporting, budgets, program financial control, negotiating vendor contracts and implementing new technologies to increase the organization and efficiency of the team.
The COVID 19 pandemic was a very crucial time, not only for the company but the hospitality industry as well. Chintan and the CEO, Naveen Shah, along with their team worked diligently to manage crisis and get the company back on track.

With hard work and dedication, the company has seen a return boost in revenue and in some properties the revenues have surpassed even the pre pandemic levels. When asked about his experience with the pandemic, Chintan responded with “It was a difficult situation and at times, discouraging.

After witnessing businesses and its people suffer, we knew we had to work together and push through until we prevailed. It was not an easy task, but our hard work has really paid off.” Chintan credits his team for his career’s success. He truly believes that with strong communication skills and dedication, the accounting team can overcome whatever issues come their way.
Chintan has always been attached to his roots and is determined to take the learning back home in India. As part of this effort, he is actively involved in the EdTech Startup Ecosystem in India through his investment in the Startup accelerator fund, Marwari Catalyst.

The company focuses on fundraising for pre–Series A rounds and enables Startup to become investment-ready by offering professional training, skill building and mentoring.

Chintan along with his wife Meghna and partners currently own and manage Paris Baguette bakery café franchises. Their teamwork has allowed them to flourish and in turn, open two more locations within the Queens area. It brings Chintan and his wife great joy to be able to provide jobs and give back to the community that once gave him the opportunities to grow.

During the pandemic, the café tied up with various soup kitchens and community centers to provide free meals to those hit hardest.
As part of his philanthropic efforts, Chintan is also affiliated with a non-profit organization based in India and now registered in USA called Gulal Foundation which is spearheaded by a very dear friend, Dr. Reena Sharma.

The foundation focuses on providing free meals, education, and healthcare to those in need. It is something Chintan is very grateful to be a part of.


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