Dan Silver, Assistant Director, Sunrise Association; Founder/CEO, Clothes On, Inc.

Dan Silver, Assistant Director, Sunrise Association; Founder/CEO, Clothes On, Inc.

Dan Silver is the assistant director of Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island, the world’s only full-summer day camp for children with cancer and their siblings, offered free of charge to over 600 children each summer.

Dan began at Sunrise as a counselor when he was 18 years old while studying Industrial & Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan.

Despite having never worked with children before nor attending camp growing up, Dan worked at Sunrise every summer throughout college, remaining dedicated to giving the joys of childhood back to children with cancer.

After graduating magna cum laude from Michigan with a bachelor of engineering and a master of accounting, Dan accepted a job as a tax and technology consultant for the Big 4 accounting firm Deloitte.

In 2014, Dan chose to leave behind his career in corporate America to return to Sunrise as the assistant director, where he has overseen 600 cancer-affected children and 200 staff for each of the last 8 summers.

Outside of Sunrise, Dan is the CEO of Clothes On, Inc, a company he founded in 2011.

Clothes On is a full-service design and custom apparel company, primarily serving the collegiate and corporate markets. Clothes On is proud to have employed several hundred college students and has expanded to over 75 college campuses nationally.

Over the last decade, Dan has grown Clothes On from a small side-business to a national e-commerce enterprise with operations and a sales force that spans 28 states.

Dan has credited his success in both his non-profit life and his business to an unbridled enthusiasm and passion for the work he does.

As a younger member of 40 Under 40 (a millennial, at 31 years old), Dan genuinely believes everyone should enjoy the work they do, as well as the mission behind it. Dan prides himself on his work ethic, but believes hard work is most easily achieved when there is a true joy accompanying it.

His leadership style centers around an honest commitment to learning from and listening to those around him. His work at Sunrise has allowed him to maintain a steady perspective on what is most important in life- relationships, health, and happiness- and that perspective shapes the decisions he makes in both his camp and his business.

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