James Lewis, Manager, Thomas F. Dalton Home of Floral Park

James Lewis, Manager, Thomas F. Dalton Home of Floral Park

As Thomas F. Dalton Funeral Home’s location manager of Floral Park, James Lewis has played an intricate role in overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of the firm while working closely with the managing partner, Victor J. LoGiudice.

In his position, James focuses on the complete satisfaction of our client families.

In addition, he utilizes his extensive experience, expertise and knowledge in his field in coordinating funeral services, dealing with international repatriations, managing the scheduling of employees, maintaining records and documents, inventory control, budgeting, reducing costs, facilities maintenance and maintaining the overall health and safety of the employees.
He holds an AAS in mortuary science from Nassau Community College and is a notary public of New York State.

He has been with Thomas F. Dalton Funeral Homes since February 2008, when he started as an ambassador to the funeral home. In June 2008, James began his residency with Dalton Funeral Homes. In June of 2009, he was hired as a licensed funeral director with Dalton Funeral Homes and was promoted to manager of the Floral Park office in 2017.

James has also taken on the role of site safety officer and is always working to make sure that optimum working conditions are always present. He maintains a very active role in every aspect of the field.

He believes in a strict “boots on the ground” approach to his management style and always stating, “I will not ask you to do anything that I will not do or have not done “. Starting from a part-time position in the funeral home and working his way up to management, he has learned that keeping himself humble, working with his team and guiding them while working side by side instead of just giving orders, has not only made him an effective leader, but a respected one.

He always strives to learn everything he can about his field by reading various books, journals, studies as well as taking many continuing education courses. His ability to perform and hold steady under pressure and strict time constraints has helped him to excel in his position.
The pandemic was the most uncertain time that he has had to face in his life. Not knowing the full danger or the severity that COVID-19 would bring to us, James and Victor selflessly put themselves into harm’s way being the only ones to subject themselves to anyone who was infected or assumed infected by the virus so that their fellow staff members were always safe.

The countless hours and endless days of the pandemic has taught him what a valuable asset basic comradery and fellowship are when the rest of the world has isolated you. The bonds forged with his team during these times will never be broken.
His abilities in art and design have been used in recreating the company’s branding and logo. James also utilizes his background in arts and creativity to help with the many various community outreach by drafting and designing the advertisements for many of our events such as food drives, clothing drives, community shred days and hosting a drive-thru trick-or-treat during the pandemic for the children.

His sense of charity has led him to join the Knights of Columbus where he continues to volunteer his time to better the community. He has also aided in events for the Rotary Club, various chambers of commerce, local parish outreach programs and helping to coordinate and deliver donations to many local pantries. He has always believed in helping his fellow man.
“Teamwork makes the dream work. If not for the constant support from my wife Christina, my sons Michael and Dustin, my family, friends and co-workers, I wouldn’t be the man, father, peer or manager that I am today.”

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