Shreena Bindra, Co-Founder, president, and COO,

Shreena Bindra, Co-Founder, president, and COO,

Shreena Bindra is the co-ounder, president, and COO of, an IT managed services, IT consulting, and information security firm based out of Long Island.

In Shreena’s role as COO, she makes sure has reliable and consistent processes so that its team members feel confident in efficiently providing the best technology services to clients.

She also leads the marketing team and oversees the finance team. Through her work with, Shreena has made it a point to give back to the community. donated over $20k worth of technology equipment to local schools on Long Island during the pandemic to help ensure children had equal opportunities in distance learning.

Shreena and have prioritized providing in-kind services and donations to a number of non-profit organizations on Long Island to help further important missions like providing green and healthy homes to Long Islanders, furthering the arts and education, providing mental health support especially for those in crises, and making an ecological impact, to name a few.

Shreena has an eclectic background that has molded and fine tuned her into the charismatic leader she is today. From providing developmental therapy to children with autism and guidance for their families to being a prominent community organizer and campaign manager for environmental justice and social policy to cofounding a farm with over 100 acres of land and sister farms in a network across the globe to immersing herself in the problem solving and detective work foundational in healthcare IT and now to being an entrepreneur and leading a business that fills her with pride, helping others and bringing better outcomes to people’s lives has been at the heart of every decision

Shreena makes. It is with great honor that Shreena accepts the acknowledgement of the 40 Under 40 Award. Shreena’s amazing team members, like Elizabeth Hilton, Michael Maser, Tairique Robinson, and Chrysandra Speranza, to name a few have made every success possible and have made the entire experience of running a business a fun reason to go to work every day too!

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