9 safety tips for families to help young campers enjoy summer

9 safety tips for families to help young campers enjoy summer

In summer, overnight and day camps provide an abundance of opportunities for kids to find their voice, build resilience and develop the confidence to fend for themselves.

Being physically active outdoors can reduce stress and anxiety, support sleep habits and help maintain a healthy body mass index, among many other physical and mental health benefits. Children who spend time in the great outdoors can solidify their connection to the natural world, enliven their senses, and even produce a physiological relaxation effect.

While there are many documented health benefits of summer camp, sending kids to a new location this summer can worry parents. What if their children don’t drink enough water? What if they have a run-in with poison oak or mosquitos? What if they get a sunburn?

As the lead pediatrician at Cohen Children’s Northwell-GoHealth-GoHealth Urgent Care, Dr. Lynda Gerberg offers nine tips to keeping young campers safe so that they can enjoy their summer activities:

1. Confirm COVID-19 safety protocols and vaccine and testing requirements.
2. Pack medications.
3. Apply sunscreen.
4. Use bug spray.
5. Give a crash course on plant safety.
6. Book swimming lessons ahead of time.
7. Keep the kids hydrated.
8. Speak with camp and medical directors about other concerns such as allergies.
9. Shop for a camp with on-site healthcare.

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