Dr. Neva Helena Alexander, Nevalliance CEO and Ascend Long Island Co-Director

Dr. Neva Helena Alexander, Nevalliance CEO and Ascend Long Island Co-Director
Dr. Neva Alexander Headshot

Dr. Neva Helena Alexander, as CEO of Nevalliance and co-director of Ascend Long Island, exemplifies transformative leadership in education, entrepreneurship, and professional development.

A visionary, she founded the National Educational Venture Alliance, underscoring her devotion to equipping students for academic and professional triumphs.

Renowned as an educator, speaker, and author, Dr. Neva profoundly influences various business sectors, delivering insights on startup strategies to women’s empowerment.

Her captivating webinars and seminars have established her as a pivotal figure in the business community.

Her reach extends beyond the digital realm. Dr. Neva’s global influence is evidenced by her impactful workshops and keynote addresses at international conferences, which tackle subjects like leadership, entrepreneurship, and cultural diversity. Her adeptness in connecting with diverse audiences highlights her exceptional communication prowess and deep subject mastery.

Dr. Neva’s dedication to promoting innovation and economic growth shines through her work with Ascend Long Island, aiding entrepreneurs in their developmental journey.

Since 2017, she has orchestrated the International Women’s Conference at Hofstra University, attracting renowned global leaders. Her leadership history includes serving as President of the Caribbean Business Network.

Dr. Neva’s achievements earned her the Long Island Power Women in Business Award in 2018.

Her prestigious speaking engagements span globally, including the Institute for Cultural Diversity on Global Business at the United Nations, New York; the International Summit Youth to Youth, Dubai; the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists, New Delhi; the Africa Business Conference at Harvard University; the New York Business Expo Conference Women Lead and Learn, Manhattan, NY; and the Global Women in STEM Leadership Summit, Atlanta, Ga.

Dr. Neva’s steadfast dedication to education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship continues to be a source of inspiration and catalyst for positive change in individuals and organizations worldwide.

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