Butch Yamali, President, Dover Group

Butch Yamali, President, Dover Group

An innovator in the catering, food service, restaurant, public events and entertainment industries, Butch Yamali is an entrepreneur, intense in focus and philanthropic by nature.

Highly successful in transforming failing enterprises, Mr. Yamali possesses keen business insights, identifying upside potential through painstaking research, affording him the opportunity to implement decisive action plans.

Butch is a lifelong Long Islander and is the president of the Freeport-based Dover Group, a multi-faceted corporate juggernaut in the aforementioned business areas, as well as facilities management, public/private sector ventures and beverage distribution.

After years of working for his father in family-owned restaurants throughout Manhattan, Yamali ventured on his own and purchased his first ice cream truck.

Building from the ground up, Butch Yamali hired drivers to operate additional vehicles, an investment that resulted in his Carnival Ice Cream company becoming the largest Good Humor distributor on Long Island, Yamali then looked to other business growth opportunities.

From America’s oldest restaurant, the Milleridge Inn in Jericho, to the venerable Coral House catering facility in Baldwin, the Dover Group owns the most requested wedding and public events facilities on Long Island.

Adding to Dover’s restaurant portfolio, Yamali acquired Peter’s Clam Bar in Island Park, restoring luster to this waterfront seafood restaurant.

In addition to the Milleridge Inn, the Coral House and Peter’s Clam Bar, Dover’s restaurant and catering holdings include the Maliblue, the Milleridge Carriage House, the Milleridge Cottage, among other restaurants and food service, bakery and related establishments.

Partnering with municipal governments, the Dover Group has transformed cabana and beach clubs along Long Island’s stunning south shore ocean beaches.

The Malibu Beach Club has become the most desired cabana and beach club destination, boasting an 8-year waiting list.  Recognizing Mr. Yamali’s Midas touch in beach club management, Nassau County selected him to restore the storied Nickerson Beach Club in Lido Beach.

Rebuilding the seaside executive golf course and refreshing the cabanas and pools and play areas, Mr Yamali has eliminated the vacancy rate that existed under public management and maintenance.

Among the other business successes under the Dover Group’s umbrella are the Malibu Shore Club, Camp Malibu, Nickerson Sports Camp, Quick Snack Vending, Dream Events Planning, Maple Construction Company, Dover Caterers, Carnival Ice Cream and Dover Beverage Distribution.

In short, Butch Yamali has built one of the larges hospitality, catering vending, and ice cream providers in the New York Metropolitan Area.

Butch is the president of the Merrick Union Free School District Board and Freeport Educational Foundation. Butch also serves as a business analyst for small business on FOX Business News on a regular basis. He is a proud board member with Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital.

Integral to sustaining business success is the ability to adapt to changing retail and food service trends, remain flexible in the face of the evolving business climate and the ability to weather serious economic downturns such as the downturn caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

Out of adversity comes opportunity.  During the COVID-19 crisis, Dover’s operations adopted COVID-safe protocols and personal services programs, which helped Dover to remain viable.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance; however, thoroughly perform business research and market analyses.  What’s more, experience and knowledge of your business is critical to forecasting budgets, planning for cost fluctuations and other market variables.

Yamali, is the proud father of three and grandfather of two and resides in Merrick with his wife Linda.

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