Robert Beer, Founder, Built By Beer

Robert Beer, Founder, Built By Beer

Robert Beer, founder of Built By Beer, has been building houses for over 35 years.

Robert first started working in construction for his family-founded Birchwood Development company, which had been building homes for over half a century. The company was founded in 1946 and went on to build tens of thousands of homes on Long Island including a 2,200-house community in Jericho.

The company built all different style homes including capes, splits, and ranches and built them throughout Long Island.

In 2007, Birchwood was sold to Kimco, a publicly-traded company. After fulfilling the requirements of the sale, Robert Beer was able to go off on his own and form Built By Beer, LLC.

Since its inception, Built By Beer has built dozens of new homes along with a number of commercial renovations. Built By Beer is truly today’s “Master Builder.”

We have been building the most elegant and well-built residences on Long Island’s East End and Gold Coast. Our professional team is known for working intimately with our clients to provide them with the uniquely conceived and beautifully built home of their dreams.

We have perfected a technique that tastefully merges 19th Century craftsmanship and style with interior living spaces for the 21st Century.

We strive to maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients extending far beyond the building process. We are steadfast in our commitment to quality and dependable performance. We provide our customers with straight answers, solid thinking, and follow-through on ideas. We dedicate time, talent, and financial support to our community. Our design/build model effortlessly integrates process and materials.

The client’s time is efficiently spent making real design decisions that will ultimately realize their custom-built dream home. Our in-house consultants can assist with all the details, such as plumbing fixtures, decorative hardware and lighting.

We offer kitchen and bathroom design services and custom cabinetmakers guarantee a perfect finished product. Landscape design and installation are also one of our many specialties.

Whether you are working with your own broker or not, we will be happy to advise you on the merits of your prospective purchase, giving you invaluable insight and an appraisal from a builder’s perspective.

Your new home will be the result of a concentrated effort to create a successful and pleasing design, intensive research into the latest building techniques, the specification of the finest materials to be found, and the meticulous craftsmanship and pride that has always been a benchmark of Built By Beer homes.

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