Crunch time: LIU Post women’s basketball defeats Assumption College

Crunch time: LIU Post women’s basketball defeats Assumption College
Photo by Andrew Servedio

By Andrew Servedio

The LIU Post women’s basketball team defeated the Assumption College Greyhounds in a very close game, with a final score of 67 to 64, on Saturday, Dec. 30 at the Pratt Recreation Center on the LIU Post campus in Old Brookville.

(Photo by Andrew Servedio)

Before playing Assumption College, the team’s record was 2-7; they have struggled to gain momentum this season.

Sophomore team member Taylah Hudson spoke about the team’s preparations for the game. “We prepare the same way we do for every other game so we are ready for whatever the game plan Assumption College has,” she said.

The Pioneers pulled off a lead towards the last five minutes of the game, when it was 55 to 50. They rallied up until the end and maintained that lead to finish the game.

This was a non-conference game, improving the Pioneers’ season record to 8-5.

The team practiced throughout the winter break.

Head LIU Post women’s basketball coach Deirdre Moore explained, “I remind my players that this is the most important stretch of the season because they’re not in class, so it’s just basketball right now.

It’s a great time to focus on their individual game and as the individual gets better, the team gets better.”

The Pioneers play their first game of 2018 on Saturday, Jan. 6 at 1:30 p.m., against Queens College at the Pratt Recreation Center.

This article was originally published in the Pioneer, the award-winning student newspaper of LIU Post,, and is republished here by Blank Slate Media with the permission of the Pioneer.

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