Old Westbury women’s soccer team earns honor from United Soccer coaches

Old Westbury women’s soccer team earns honor from United Soccer coaches

The SUNY Old Westbury Panther Women’s Soccer Team was named a winner of the 2022 College Silver Team Ethics and Sportsmanship Award by United Soccer Coaches, the national Association.

Of the more than 2,600 teams playing men’s and women’s soccer across the five levels of collegiate competition in the sport nationwide, only 117 men’s and women’s teams received either the Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze version of the College Team Ethics and Sportsmanship Award.

Teams honored at the platinum level went an entire season without a player or coach receiving a yellow card or red card. Teams honored at the gold (1-10%), silver (11-30%) and bronze (31-50%) levels are based on a percentage calculated by the total number of cards received by players/coaches divided by the team’s total number of games played.

“This is a wonderful team award,” said head coach Betty Bohringer. “To be recognized is really impressive and is a fantastic testament to the quality of the skills and competitive discipline of our players, the culture of our program and the high character our students display.”

Fifty teams claimed the Silver Award alongside SUNY Old Westbury.

“High standards, disciplined play, and remarkable comradery are hallmarks of our teams,” said Lenore Walsh, athletic director. “This national recognition highlights the commitment to competitiveness and sportsmanship we expect our Panther student-athletes to exhibit every day.”

The United Soccer Coaches is an organization of American soccer coaches founded in 1941. It is the largest soccer coaches’ organization in the world, with more than 30,000 members. It offers training courses for both beginning and experienced coaches and a wide range of award programs. Rare among sports organizations, it serves its sport for both men/boys and women/girls.

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