Village Of Plandome Heights Government

Village Of Plandome Heights Government

Village of Plandome Heights
37 Orchard Street
Manhasset, NY 11030
Phone: 516-627-1136

Mayor Kenneth C. Riscica
Trustee Daniel Cataldo
Trustee Norman Taylor
Trustee Gus Panopoulos
Trustee Florence Musalo
Trustee Mary Hauck
Trustee Kristina Lobosco

Village Officials:
Clerk/Treasurer – Arlene Drucker
Court Clerk – Katherine Hannon
Building Inspector – Edward P. Butt, AIA
Storm Water Management Officer – Edward P. Butt, AIA
Village Attorney – Christopher Prior, Esq.
Village Prosecutor – Mary Corrigan, Esq.
Village Justice: Cye E. Ross, Esq.
Emergency Management Coordinator- David Lisner
Assistant Emerg. Management Coord – Alvin Solomon
Medical Emergency Management Liaison – Dr. Sanjivan Patel

Architectural Review Board:
Chair: Maryann Grieco
Members: Lawrence Bourguet,
Laura Maurischat, Donald Parker, John Stark
Alternate Members: Tom Ahn, Stewart Jervis
Consulting Architect: Craig Westergard

Zoning and Appeals Board:
Chair: Eugene O’Connor

Anil Wadhwani, John Jeffrey,
Vincent Hauck, Lucille Van Baaren

Alternate Members:
Hilary Haber, Eric Carlson
Technology Advisory Board:
Chair: Trey Harragan

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