40 dogs and puppies saved by North Shore Animal League

40 dogs and puppies saved by North Shore Animal League

The North Shore Animal League America took in over 40 puppies and adult dogs rescued from Arkansas on Friday.

The animal league teamed up with North Little Rock Animal Rescue and Union County Animal Protection Society to rescue the puppies and dogs, saving them from euthanasia in North Little Rock, Ark., according to an animal league news release.

“These offsite rescues are extremely important,” said Matthew Carroll, the offsite manager of the North Shore Animal League of America. “It was a pretty important rescue.”

More animals need rescuing during the summer, Carroll said, but it’s also a good time for people to adopt animals because they are around to take care of them. In the summer, Carroll said, “kitten season” starts, which is when there’s an overabundance of cats and dogs, especially in the United States. 

“Summer is a very important time: Families are home and around, children are out of school and everyone gets to spend time together with the pets,” he said.

The animal league regularly arranges adoptions of  cats and dogs, Carroll said. But he added that it’s important to be educated before adopting.

Carroll said that it’s important for pet owners to spay and neuter their animals to avoid overpopulation, which leads to high numbers of abandoned animals.

“Spaying and neutering is so important,” Carroll said. “It extends the years of your pets’ lives. Adopting an animal is a 15-to-20-year commitment so people need to learn.”

When the animal league arranges the adoption of one pet, Carroll said, it’s not only saving one pet’s life, it’s saving two because then it has space to rescue another.

“North Shore Animal League America’s ability to take in these animals, provide the necessary medical care to prepare them for adoption and find them loving homes is what makes this rescue possible,” according to the release.


By Stephen Romano

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