Glenwood Landing Class of 2020 moves up

Glenwood Landing Class of 2020 moves up
Photo provided by North Shore School District

On Monday, June 1 principal Bridget Finder along with Superintendent Peter Giarrizzo, and the GWL fifth grade teachers, faculty, and staff cheered on the Glenwood Landing Class of 2020 during their Moving Up Car Parade Ceremony.

It was a gorgeous day to celebrate the GWL fifth graders and their respective families as Principal Finder handed each student their diploma through their decorative car windows! You could hear the music and cheers as each student was joyfully recognized for this memorable accomplishment.

Finder said, “Being that our fifth graders have had many of their end of year activities canceled since school is closed, it was very important to me that we create a special event that would honor each student and recognize their accomplishments. I worked collaboratively with the fifth-grade parent committee to plan the moving up car parade to include decorations that were integrated with the original theme – Out of This World!

The GWL School Community Association, along with the committee, provided all of the embellishments and music, which added to the festive fun.”


Photo provided by the North Shore School District

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