Harbor Links miniature golf course to get new carpeting

Harbor Links miniature golf course to get new carpeting

The Harbor Links miniature golf course in Port Washington will be getting a makeover to replace its old surface.
The North Hempstead Town Board unanimously voted at Tuesday’s board meeting to approve a contract with Garden City-based Parsons Commercial LLC to install a new carpet on the 18-hole course.
A board resolution states that Parsons Commercial was chosen because it is “party to a contract with Nassau County for the type of services needed by the town.”
The work at the miniature golf course is not to exceed $32,237.11, officials said.
Also at the meeting, the board voted to place alternate side parking restrictions on Jefferson Street in Port Washington after residents complained of too many commuters parking on their street and taking spots away from residents.
Town Councilwoman Dina De Giorgio said the town has been looking to fix the issue for over a year and met with residents from Jefferson Street in November 2015 to discuss what should be done.
“Some of the residents that are here tonight reached out to me via email and said that the parking on their street had a lot of commuters parking there and there really wasn’t any place for residents to park, they were blocking driveways and just creating a safety hazard,” De Giorgio said.
The approved ordinance establishes alternate side of the street parking from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the east side of Jefferson Street and from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday on the west side of the street.
The parking restrictions are not enforced on holidays or weekends.
De Giorgio said the town sent a traffic engineer to study parking on the street and the engineer found that there were a high number of commuter cars.
She also said prior to Tuesday’s vote that she would make a recommendation to the board based on what the majority of residents on the street preferred.
Some Jefferson Street residents appeared at the meeting stating that they supported the proposal.
Other residents from the street, who said they did not have driveways or parking garages, said the restriction would make it more difficult for them to  park.
After hearing public comment, De Giorgio said that 10 residents had voiced support for the proposal in total, and seven residents opposed it.
She also said that if the board sees that the restriction is not working, then it will make amendments.
“We try to come up with something that makes sense,” De Giorgio said. “If we implement the restriction and we see in six months that the restriction is not working or it’s making the situation worse, we will rescind it and we will try again.”
Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth said that it sounded as if the issue has plagued the street for decades and the board needed to try and find a solution.
“I think this is a good faith effort to give this a try,” Bosworth said. “In the meantime, I think it’s better to try something and to go forward with it.”

By Joe Nikic

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