Inside: Learn How Hemp Is Turned Into CBD

Inside: Learn How Hemp Is Turned Into CBD

One of the newest exciting debates in the food supplements department today is the Cannabidiol, also known as CBD. After the legalization of hemp, a variety of cannabis, the CBD industry especially the key players like IHF farms received a significant boost of supply for the product that is steadily increasing in demand.

Currently, the hemp business is a big boom for the farmers who want to make a kill as the demand soars. In the USA, only five states can legally grow the herb which includes, Oregon, Tennessee, California, Colorado, and Kentucky.

Before the herb is turned into CBD,there has to be proof that it’s grown under stringent measures using the right pesticides. This article will help clarify some methods relating to the conversion of Hemp into CBD. However, first, let’s find out what Hemp is and how it’s different from cannabis or marijuana.

Hemp, Cannabis, and Marijuana: Is there a difference?

Hemp is a high variety of cannabis plant whose origin dates back to 8000 years BC. It’s still grown today legally for its seeds, fiber and wax extraction. Cannabis is an umbrella name for varieties such as hemp and marijuana. Although the two are in the same plant family, they’re different in appearance, chemical components, and climate adaptation.

Hemp has lower THC which is the chemical responsible for giving a “high” in marijuana. While the marijuana plant is cultivated for medicinal purposes, the hemp plant is for industrial use.

Methods of Extracting CBD from Hemp

CO2 Extraction

Deemed one of the safest means of extracting CBD, CO2 extraction makes use of CO2 gas in a closed extractor with three components using varying pressure and temperature. The first jar which contains the dry ice or solid CO2 is pumped into the second gas which holds the dry plant matter similar to IHF hemp biomass.

When the gas is mixed with the dried hemp at a specific temperature, it dissolves chemicals and other components of the plant that are then transferred to the third jar for separation. The low pressure and higher temperate separates the CO2 gas with a liquid mixture which is then collected for consumption.

The process takes a short time; however, the machines are expensive and are only used by professional CBD manufacturers.

Ethanol Extraction

Ethanol extraction is a form of liquid CBD extraction that uses ethanol as a solvent for the dried hemp plant. After the chemicals dissolve in the solution, ethanol is evaporated away to leave a rich mixture of cannabinol. Although this method is quite simple, it also introduces a high possibility of contamination, unlike the CO2 extraction.

Ethanol also dissolves chlorophyll which may give the final product a green color and a bitter taste. To avoid these impediments, slight adjustments in pressure and temperature need to take place throughout the extraction process.


There are many industrial uses of hemp plant such as extraction of cooking oil, baking materials, fiber, wax and now making of CBD. The ancient plant which has little THC makes safe CBD products when grown and extracted by experts.





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