Jose Dominguez, American Red Cross on Long Island, Chief Executive Officer

Jose Dominguez, American Red Cross on Long Island, Chief Executive Officer
Photo courtesy of Jose Dominguez and Craig Burdett

Jose Dominguez is the CEO for the American Red Cross on Long Island.

Prior to this position, he served as the regional volunteer services officer for the Greater New York Region, where he oversaw the engagement and recruitment of more than 5,000 volunteers annually.

He began his career with the American Red Cross over 19 years ago in what is now the Eastern New York Region. Jose was previously as the regional disaster officer and volunteer services officer for the Central and South Texas Region.

During his tenure, Jose has deployed to support more than 64 national disaster relief operations, including Hurricane Maria in 2017, where he was stationed on the Virgin Islands for more than six weeks, working with hundreds of event-based volunteers.

During deployments, Jose has shared his expertise in various operational management activities, including Staff Services Management and as the Assistant Director of Workforce Cares.

Jose is driven by the evolving progress within the Red Cross to ensure the well-being of its workforce and provide opportunities to build stronger leadership for the future.

He has worked to implement new policies and processes via his participation on a variety of working groups and task forces, including the Volunteer Experience Workgroup, the Workforce Care Workgroup, the Latino Engagement Initiative Workgroup, and the Youth Services Engagement Workgroup.

A native of Texas, Jose received his bachelor of fine arts in vocal performance from Southwest Texas State University. He lives in Glen Cove with his husband of 23 years, Craig, and they both love to cook, eat, and laugh.


“As someone who has dedicated my career to humanitarian work in non-profits, I think we always need to stay focused on the individuality of the people we serve. Every person we interact with has a unique perspective and experience, and it’s important to meet people where they are in order to make sure we are providing the right kind of help.”

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