Library gets $20,000 grant for inventors club

Library gets $20,000 grant for inventors club

The Bryant Library in Roslyn received a $20,000 state grant to fund a new inventing program, state Senator Jack Martins (R-Old Westbury) announced last Friday.

The funding was acquired with the help of Martins, and it will go towards the purchase of equipment for the library’s “makerspace” for its Inventor’s Club, a press release from Martins’ office said.

“Bryant Library is developing an innovative new program that helps people of all ages utilize cutting edge technology to create and build. It’s a great way to get people of all ages engaged in learning, technology and creative thinking,” Martins said.

The program allows children and adults to create objects with modern technology like 3-D printers. The printers were purchased from an earlier state grant acquired by Martins, the release said.

“Senator Martins has always been a strong advocate of libraries in his district,” library Director Victor Caputo said. “The Bryant Library is very appreciative of all that he has done over the years as our state senator, whether it be securing additional funds for programs and equipment that is not part of the library’s normal operating budget, or the informational seminars he has sponsored at the library to benefit our patrons.  Thank you Senator Martins for allocating funds for us to help bring our ‘makerspace’ to life in the future.”

by Chris Adams

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