Luxury cruise ship to drop anchor in Glen Cove

Luxury cruise ship to drop anchor in Glen Cove


Long Island’s North Shore has long been one of the premier sports of East Coast residency.  From scenic and sandy beaches to the lavish lifestyle nestled in multimillion-dollar households, the area nicknamed the “Gold Coast” is so captivating that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s setting for his classic novel-turned movie, “The Great Gatsby,” was based on it.  And while current Islanders missed out on their chance to attend a Gatsby party, they now have the opportunity to take a trip on a luxury cruise line where the star of the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio, and others have held their events.

Much like the North Shore, Eastern Star Cruises Inc. has been the gold standard of premier private yachts in Manhattan.  The ship has been the gracious host for a variety of elegant affairs ranging from wedding receptions to bar mitzvahs, each one catered to perfection with their renown executive chef and exquisite dining staff.  The ambiance of the upper deck dining is perfectly balanced, with a state-of-the-art sound system and intimate lighting, working beautifully for both birthday and anniversary dinners.

Though the yacht will be anchored in Glen Cove, the cruise will be able to make stops for up to 75 guests as far east as the Hamptons and Montauk, and even some areas in Connecticut, including Stamford and Greenwich.  Docking in at 85 feet long, the Eastern Star will have no problem fitting into the North Shore, both physically and culturally. The Glen Cove Ferry Terminal has undergone some aesthetically appealing changes in anticipation of its newest guest, with a brand new docking facility, waiting area, and much to the Monopoly Man’s dismay, plenty of free parking…

While Gatsby’s manor in the West Egg leaves us yearning to experience the glamorous lifestyle Fitzgerald wrote about, the Eastern Star comes quite close to it.  Following in a long line of North Shore pioneers of industry such as the Vanderbilts and the J.P. Morgans, the ship is the first one to provide Islanders with “a Manhattan style yacht charter experience.”

With pleasure comes business, and both are prominent throughout Long Island.  To go along with the Manhattan-style social experience, the ship provides an ideal atmosphere for those discussing their respective businesses and lines of work.  With a spacious and elegant main parlor area that includes a mahogany bar, wood-burning stove, and comfort seating, business and pleasure are able to mingle in perfect harmony along the coastline.

Not every guest may have the same reputation as prior guests DiCaprio, Billy Crystal, David Letterman, and others do, but with the Eastern Star, their experience is parallel to taking a step into their perfectly polished shoes.  Testimonials are flooded with words such as “perfect”, “outstanding”, and “memorable”, as Capt. Nick Kutscera and his crew strive to maintain exceptionally unmatched service.

The Glen Cove Ferry Terminal is located at 73 Garvies Point Road, and charter inquiries can be made by calling 800-445-5942 or visiting their website,



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