Mineola Board of Education approves 2019-20 budget

Mineola Board of Education approves 2019-20 budget
Mineola Board of Education met on April 16 and voted to approve the 2019-20 budget.

The Mineola Board of Education voted Tuesday to approve a $99.95 million budget for 2019-20, up from the current budget of $98.2 million.

The tax levy will increase by 1.79 percent, which is under the state tax levy cap of 2.12 percent.

“We are very proud to be able to have stayed under the allowable tax cap for about the 10th year in a row,” said board President Christine Napolitano. “Even before the state imposed a tax cap, we imposed our own. Not many districts can say the same.”

Napolitano said that much of the increase in money is due to things like salaries and state-imposed costs like pension contributions.

The 2019-20 capital projects that the board plans to use the money for include starting to renovate the high school science rooms and cafeteria, upgrading floors and carpets throughout the district, purchasing new furniture for pre-K rooms. These are largely rollover projects from the previous year.

The district budget vote is scheduled for Tuesday, May 21.

A calendar of the board’s meetings can be found on the Mineola Board of Education website.

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