Out Of Left Field: Proof of Trump’s 5 draft deferments

Out Of Left Field: Proof of Trump’s 5 draft deferments

Blank Slate reader Kenneth Stier, Jr. of Great Neck exercises a citizen’s essential concern in asking for data and evidence regarding Donald Trump and the Vietnam War.
Because of Trump’s military bravado in this campaign, and his disregard for data, much research has been done, and much written about his situation during the Vietnam War.
Many accounts of Trump, with detailed Selective Service records, can be viewed by Googling him and his Vietnam War draft exemptions.
The New York Times has a  major article on the subject (Aug. 1, 2016 by Steve Eder and Dave Phillips).
That headline is “Donald Trump’s Draft Deferments: Four for College, One For Bad Feet.”
Trump’s ongoing credibility is questioned because it is not clear how he got the “feet” medical exemption (despite his vaunted 6’2” athletic prowess in football, squash, tennis and golf).
It is the case that others sought to avoid the war (but others, unlike Trump, did so for principled objection to that conflict; even leaving the U.S. in protest).
Trump, typically, has also given a misleading (actually, an outright false) explanation as to why he was spared the draft.
He says he was spared because he had a high draft number.  While that is true, he was not given that draft number until after he had already received a 1-Y medical classification because of his “bad feet.”
Selective Service and other analysts emphasize that once Trump was able to get that 1-Y (by whatever means or influence), there was no way he would be again subject to the draft unless 1. Congress officially declared war, or 2. there was a full-fledged national emergency.
Neither of those things happened and, in 1972, after a total of 5 draft deferments, Trump’s 1-Y was changed to 4-F.
We continue to see examples of Trump’s distorted memory and disconnects with evidence and reality.

By Michael D’Innocenzo

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