Readers Write: Cilluffo’s record has earned him re-election to park district

Readers Write: Cilluffo’s record has earned him re-election to park district
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The Great Neck Park District’s 2020 budget is over $19 million. Clearly, the district is a very significant operation, headed by the superintendent, who is appointed by, and reports to three Park Commissioners elected by park district residents.

The park commissioners serve three-year terms

I have been a long-term resident of the park district and an active advocate for all aspects of our parks. I am a former businessman and a regular attendee of the meetings of the board of commissioners.

I have watched the deliberations of more than six different past commissioners. It is my belief that the district is best served by commissioners seasoned by the experience of serving in the office.

On Dec. 10, we have the opportunity to re-elect Frank Cilluffo to his third three-year term. I believe he deserves our votes. During his previous terms, he has: worked on five budgets (none of which raised taxes); was instrumental in the selection of a top-notch park superintendent, worked on the year-long process to develop a master plan for the district, investigated options for an indoor recreation center, reviewed programs to improve commuter parking.

Some of the things instituted in his tenure were: an organic turf care program throughout the park system, changing to recycling fallen leaves by mulching them into the lawns when mowing, rather than raking and collecting them – this saved the district the costs of collecting and disposing of tons of leaves. – lighting the trees in the Village Green during the winter holiday season, installation of an outdoor skating rink in the Village Green for five weeks in December and January to add to the holiday festivities and the addition of facilities for the popular sport of pickleball.

Frank is a tireless champion of ways to improve the park district. He is often found in one park or another, enjoying the activities the district offers. He cheerfully enjoys meeting park patrons and listening to their suggestions for improvements.

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, please vote to re-elect the candidate for park commissioner who has proven his capabilities for the job – vote for Frank Cilluffo.

Marty Markson

Great Neck


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